This is a clear acrylic case for the Espruino Pixl.js board.

Much like Pimoroni's PiBow cases for the Raspberry Pi, the case comes disassembled as 5 different 'slices'. You can choose to use only certain slices fit the Pixl into your own projects, and you can also insert your paper between slices to add your own information such as button labels.

Please see the last image for assembly instructions.

The case protects your Pixl while still allowing access to:

  • Buttons
  • Arduino connectors
  • JST battery connector (if installed)
  • USB connector
  • CR2032 battery connector

The Arduino header's connections are also etched onto the perspex, making it easier to see where things are connected.

The case comes with:

  • Front LCD surround acrylic
  • LCD spacer acrylic
  • PCB spacer acrylic
  • Upper and lower button acrylic
  • Rear cover
  • 4x Nylon Nuts and Bolts
  • Mini Espruino spanner

Please Note:

  • The acrylic comes with protective film attached. You'll need to peel this off before assembly.
  • Don't overtighten the Nylon bolts - the thread can be stripped, and tightening too much will make the buttons harder to press.
  • While strong when assembled, the individual case parts (specifically the acrylic for the buttons) can be quite delicate, so please be careful during assembly.

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Pixl.js Clear Case (Acrylic)

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