About Us

The Espruino shop is owned and operated by PUR3 Ltd.

The Espruino shop sells Espruino microcontrollers designed and invented by Gordon Williams, the creator of the Espruino software and director of PUR3 Ltd, together with specially selected accessories and complementary products.

The Espruino boards all come pre-installed with the Espruino software, a cutting edge JavaScript interpreter, which makes it possible to program low power microcontrollers with JavaScript, the language of the internet. Unlike other boards that run JavaScript, Espruino fits everything it needs into a single chip. This makes it affordable, reliable, and power efficient - allowing the boards to run for years on a battery.

The Espruino website contains a huge variety of resources to help you get the most out of your Espruino board, including dozens of tutorials and examples and a reference resource. We also have a popular community forum where you can ask questions and share your ideas.

By buying directly from us you help support us in our ongoing work to improve and develop the Espruino software, the forum and the resources available on our website.